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[MOL] Hydrazine Sulfate diet question

I recently lost my father to a very aggressive lung cancer (diagnosed
late March; died Nov. 1). My mother was diagnosed with breast-to-bone
cancer in March of 1996. Her prognosis is far different than my
father's with such different cancer types. The cancer has spread to
her bones and she is confined mostly to bed (but enjoys wonderful
Hospice support, as did my father). Anyway, both my parents attempted
the use of hydrazine sulfate, following my one brother's suggestion
(he is a doctor). My father's condition was so severe (the cancer
spread quickly to his brain) that it is difficult to determine the
impact of the drug. However, prior to his dramatic decline (late
Sept.), he experienced weight gain and renewed vitality. My confidence
in his experience is that if nothing else, the drug gave him a relief
from the wasting-away syndrome for just a short while before the
disease attacked in full force. My mother -- a quite different matter
-- is experiencing SIGNIFICANT blessings from the hydrazine sulfate
regime. Her oncologist is supportive of her taking the medicine,
although wishes she would resume chemo. (she left such treatment after
a couple doses depleted her white-cell count to dangerous levels). I
wish to report that her experience thus far has been amazing. She has
gained weight and has no appetite disorder. In fact, she has
recognized dramatic energy shifts and relief from depression as a
result of continuing her use of hydrazine sulfate, we are confident.
She has been able to eliminate the injections she had to take
regularly to boost both red and white blood cell count -- which is
QUITE SIGNIFICANT. Her tumor markers seemed to experience a
leveling-off. But the cause is difficult to determine. Since my
father's death, her tumor markers have increased again. However, I
feel that could be due to our, her, loss. For someone who should be in
terrible pain, she has managed to stay away from harsh narcotics --
much to her oncologist's amazement. The source of this blessing, too,
is difficult to determine. She is experimenting with diet control and
finds that she shouldn't deviate from the suggested diet, for she
experiences ill effects (dizziness, nausia, etc.) She asked me to pose
the question "out there" to anyone who has further dietary advice.
Mother has been using the hydrazine sulfate for approximately four
months. Thanks for your attention, Mary Zimnik

Mary Elizabeth Zimnik
Office of Public Relations
Agnes Scott College
141 East College Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030

404/638-6298 (FAX)
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