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Re: [MOL] Stomach cancer

Martin Auslander wrote:
> Amanda O'Hely wrote:
> >
> > My mum was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma of the stomach in
> > November of this year.  She is a widow of 62 with five children,
> > 2 of which are mentally handicapped.  Since then she has had a total
> > gastrectomy and is still recovering although very slowly.
> >
> > After the initial shock I am still trying to come to terms with
> > accepting what the consultant has told me.  The truth is I am quite
> > angry that in the event of a recurrence he has offered NO treatment.
> > He believes this type of cancer cannot be treated successfully with
> > chemo or radio.
> >
> > I have yet to find out exactly what type and grade the cancer is.
> > It's only when you leave the hospital you realise the information
> > given is minimal.  All I know at this stage is that it is the most
> > aggressive type of cancer there is and there is some evidence of it
> > in local lymph nodes which have been taken out!
> >
> > I am due to see the consultant tomorrow with my mum for a follow-up
> > appointment but am very concerned as she has been having bladder
> > problems (urgency to pass urine often) and I'm worried this could be
> > a sign of a metastases.
> >
> > Has anyone any information/advice on aggressive adenocarcinomas of
> > the stomach.  I am determined I will not just stop at his advice!
> >
> > thanks
> >
> > Amanda
> >
> >
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> Dear Amanda,
> I am so concerned, when there are many, yes many treatments available
> for all types of diseases that medical teams will not at least say to
> you, "we are limited to what we can administer, you may wish to seek
> other opinions".  I know they won't say that to you because they don't
> want to pay for those opinions. But what your Doctor may mean is they
> are limited to what they can administer. Doesn't mean that there aren't
> treatments available to your Mum.  So, I would call the National CAncer
> Institute, I see you are in the United Kingdom.  I am also e-mailing
> some web sites for the N.C.I. to get infor on their clinical trials and
> I would call them at 1-800-4cancer to receive information about
> comprehensive hospitals in the U.K. for second opinions.
> Also, yes, clinically some type of cell may be considered to be
> aggressive, but every individual is different in composition and I have
> learned that aggressive cells react differently in all human nature. I
> am not a doctor but one who has experienced this as I have known
> individuals with so called aggressive disease and non aggressive.
> Depends on the individuals capacity and attitude to fight this disease.
> I am certain you and your Mum are individuals that will seek the best
> methods of treatment, and I am certain, there is someone in Europe who
> are able to help you and your Mum will find methods emotionally and
> physicallly to overcome this disease.
> Your emotions now are typical of newly diagnosed caregivers of
> survivors. Let those emotions ride themselves out and just be strong in
> your resolve to know that there is a lot of research to do and
> information that will help you. Amanda, there are many miracle stories
> even with aggressive diseases. No reason why your Mum can not be one of
> them.
> Take care and God Bless
> Marty

Dear Amanda,

I would just like to add my support to the comments made by Marty.  Your 
Mum's outlook and attitude will play an important part of her journey to 
recovery.  As a survivor of stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma, I can attest 
to the importance of belief in the FACT that you will survive cancer to 
actually being able to win the battle against cancer.  As long as there 
is faith and the will to fight, there is hope in victory.

You, as a care giver, will need support yourself and the best place for 
it is this website.  So keep coming back here to let us know how you and 
your Mum are and don't hesitate to ask for our help.  Continue to seek 
other medical opinions if possible.

God Bless and stay positive.

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