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Re: [MOL] On Hope/What cancer cannot do

ken naehring wrote:
> Barbara, Diana, Torie, Lisa, Marty and John.   Another exerpt from
> "Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul" that I wanted to share with all
> of you and all members of this forum:
> Chapter 1: On Hope  "Hoping means seeing that the outcome you want is
> possible, and then working for it."  Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
> What Cancer Cannot Do
> Cancer is so limited----
> It cannot cripple love
> It cannot shatter hope
> It cannot corrode faith
> It cannot destroy peace
> It cannot kill friendship
> It cannot suppress memories
> It cannot silence courage
> It cannot invade the soul
> It cannot steal eternal life
> It cannot conquer the spirit.
>                 Source unknown
> I had my PET scan done today and the technician (Jason) that did it
> said, that he believes that whatever you believe works.....does!  So
> many people can touch our lives as we go through this in such a
> positive manor.  How I appreciate being able to share with all of
> you.   God Bless you. ...........Carla

Dear CArla,

I am afraid I am getting you and Ken mixed up. Exuse me pls. Thank you
for the message and yes ironically that is exactly what our oncologist
said in Barbs case. His words were, about four months ago, "a 6 month
prognosis into a 3 year plus prognosis". Barb what ever you are doing,
continue" and then he hugged her. All three of us cried for joy.

Carla, thank you and we prayed for you that the pet scan would detect
much more than cat scans. It worked for your best interest and that is
so important.  You are indeed a miracle.

God Bless YOu
Marty and Barb
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