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Re: [MOL] proton treatment for lung cancer

Don5439 wrote:
> I have one supposedly successful operation of non-small cell lung cancer.  Now
> another mass has appeared.  So far it is small, but the doctors say they
> cannot operate or even biopsy because of my physical condition.  I wonder if
> anyone has had experience with the proton acceleration treatment given at Loma
> Linda hospital near San Bernardino?   The treatment is apparently used mostly
> for prostate cancer but their literature claims some success for non small
> cell lung cancer.  My doctors are skeptical.
>   Thanks.

Dear Don,

I have been a witness to how the proton radiation works and it has been
very successful especially for prostate and brain tumors. I would, as a
suggestion, continue to explore and pursue this and try to find out
other survivors of proton radiation with similar diseases. You may wish
to call Loma Linda administration for patient referrals. I believe they
have a listing of other survivors who wish to share their successes.  

YOu may also wish to call the U.C.I. in Irvine or Orange as they have
developed similar radiation, not called Proton though, but they also are
very aggressive in their ability to progress.

Good luck and God Bless.  Oh, Loma Linda does about 60-80 treatments a
day with one machine. So there has to be success stories.  

Take care
marty Auslander
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