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Re: [MOL] Holiday Wishes wrote:
> William J. Comcowich wrote:
> >
> > >From everyone at Medicine OnLine, our best wishes to all our friends in the
> > MOL-cancer discussion group. We are grateful for your participation and
> > caring.  We wish you all the best for the New Year.  Bill
> > William J. Comcowich
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> Dear Bill,
> As you can see, I've taken your advice regarding the removal of the
> "boilerplate message" to heart.  I thank you for providing such an
> important forum for has proven to be a key to recovery and hope
> for many of us.
> God Bless You for being there to guide and support us and for guiding
> those who find themselves lost.  Merry Christmas.
> John
Dear Bill,

May I also add our sentiments to JOhns. We thank you for this list and
the professionalism that accompanies this powerful, gracious, meaningful
forum. Many of us and others in need and it has been a blessing to find
those that are concerned care enough to provide their time to those that
are seeking out those needs. You were there for us.

God Bless YOu and may you and yours have a great holiday season.

Marty and Barb Auslander
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