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Re: [MOL] inspiration


Thank you.  I am having some issues dealing with my family.  This message
helped me put it back in perspective.

Love, Barb

From: ken naehring <>
To: mol-cancer <>
Subject: [MOL] inspiration
Date: Monday, December 29, 1997 7:21 PM

Barbara, Torie, Lisa, Marty and John... and everyone else.  I received a
book for Christmas called Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul.  As I began
reading the introduction I knew that I had to share a few exerpts.

Intro pg. xix:  "When the idea of this book was born, it was about suriving
cancer, but as it took shape, we realized that it was really a book about
life.  In fact, eight million cancer survivors out there have discovered
things about life that most of the rest of us have not yet
"At least once a day we sit back and say, "We are so lucky". Because of
this book we are not the same people we were." 

into pg. xx:" Our priorities are clearer now.  We share our feelings more
openly, we take our vitamins and herbs more regularly, we eat better, we
meditate and do yaga more often, we pray with more conviction and we love
with more openness.  Our daily disciplines are stronger, our co-dependent
behaviors are weaker and our desires to follow our own inner directives are
stronger.  We laugh more often, take more time for play, worry less about
pleasing others and know more clearly than ever that each day is a
treasured gift to br lived to the fullest."..................
"We thank all of you who have been challenged by cancer because your
struggles and insights have deepened our own understandings about life,
love and spirituality."

I found this uplifting and I hope that you do too.  God Bless you all.

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