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Re: [MOL] Ovarian Cancer

Jenifer and

The best gyn-oncologist in the world is probably Dr. Neil Rosenstein at Mercy
Hospital in Baltimore Md.  

He had been in charge of the gyn-onco section at Johns Hopkins until a few
years ago when Mercy 
bought him and his whole staff and opened a new wing at the Mercy Hospital
just for Women, i.e. The Woman's Center. 

It may be hard to get on his schedule because he is always swamped.  Do not
know where you two are, so it may be out of the question.  There is a hotel
across the street that gives bargin rates for families being attended at
Mercyh Hospital.  

By the way, Mercy Hospital is on Blue Cross/Shield as a preferred provider.

Hope it works out for both of you.  May the new year bring you and your loved
ones health, peace and joy. 

Regards, Bob

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