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Re: [MOL] weight loss

Lisa Whiting wrote:
> Hi, everybody.
> It's my turn!  My brother had that Radical Pneumonectomy on November 25th
> and has lost 35 lbs. since then.  In other ways, he is doing AWESOME!  I
> couldn't have imagined that less than a month later, he would be walking 1 -
> 2 miles/day and driving!  He does still have pain and is tired, also, but my
> biggest concern, at this point, is his lack of appetite.  I realize that the
> 10 days he was in the hospital and wasn't eating alot decreased the size of
> his stomach, but even now, alot of times smells and the sight of food makes
> him nauseous.  How much of that do you suppose is attributed to pain meds?
> He is a big man, anyway (about 6'2" and started out about 227 lbs), but now
> he really looks thin. His frame is so large.  I know that he still is not at
> a dangerous weight, but what really worries me is that Chemo starts in a
> week or so......and probably 3 or 4 cycles and then radiation.
> Any input?
> Lisa
> Dear Lisa,

I went through a similar experience when I had radiation therapy 
following surgery.  The combination left me 25 lbs. lighter and I'm 6'3" 
and had a normal weight of 175 lbs!  I looked near death!  I too had no 
desire to eat and found the sight of food repulsive.  I started with what 
I could tolerate...malteds with ensure as a base and fruit thrown in as 
further suppliments.  They were delishous and served to prime my 
appitite.  I also had fruit yogert, rice pudding, ice cream, and fruit 

Don't worry about healthy at this point...go for putting the weight on 
and getting him used to eating whatever his desire points him to.  The 
next thing I knew, I moved on to creamed stuff...first, soups then pasta. 
 I ate that until it was coming out my ears and thought my colesterol 
would go through the cealing (it didn't!).  Eventually, I got back to a 
more balanced and healthy meal as the effects of the surgery and 
radiation wore off (about two months after treatment stoped).  

The most important thing is to keep the electrolites up and that means 
fluid intake!  Don't let him get dehydrated.  He can always put the 
weight back on, but a couple of days without fluids and your back in the 
hospital like I was.  If he is not eating and even resisting ensure or 
similar neutritional drinks, try Gateraid.  Ask the advise of your 
physician and keep him/her informed.  As I said I ended up in the 
hospital again with an IV in my arm and a feeding tube down, what used to 
be, my nose!  The important thing is I did't die (though I thought I 
would from being weak) and it is easily corrected!  Of course, Ensure 
or puraied food dosn't taste too good down a feeding tube but it is an 
easy way to take your meds :=) !

God Bless and I hope this helps.

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