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[MOL] Stomach cancer

My mum was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma of the stomach in 
November of this year.  She is a widow of 62 with five children, 
2 of which are mentally handicapped.  Since then she has had a total 
gastrectomy and is still recovering although very slowly.

After the initial shock I am still trying to come to terms with 
accepting what the consultant has told me.  The truth is I am quite 
angry that in the event of a recurrence he has offered NO treatment.  
He believes this type of cancer cannot be treated successfully with 
chemo or radio.  

I have yet to find out exactly what type and grade the cancer is.  
It's only when you leave the hospital you realise the information 
given is minimal.  All I know at this stage is that it is the most 
aggressive type of cancer there is and there is some evidence of it 
in local lymph nodes which have been taken out!  

I am due to see the consultant tomorrow with my mum for a follow-up 
appointment but am very concerned as she has been having bladder 
problems (urgency to pass urine often) and I'm worried this could be 
a sign of a metastases.

Has anyone any information/advice on aggressive adenocarcinomas of 
the stomach.  I am determined I will not just stop at his advice!



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