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Re: [MOL] adeno carcinoma wrote:
> My father had a small malignant adeno carcinoma removed along with the
> lower part of his left lung Monday 12/22/97. I am looking for
> information regarding this kind of cancer, treatments and any resources
> about this type of cancer. He is currently in a Veterans Admin. Hospital
> and the family and I are having a tough time collecting information. If
> you have any tips, suggestions of websites or information, please e-mail
> me at: Thank you.
Dear Caregiver,

You may receive much information from the following web sites. Adeno
means gland and carcinoma means tumor or diseae of. You may wish to call
the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4 cancer as they will provide you
with all kinds of written information about the disease as well as
protocal treatments and you need to ask them for 3 comprehensive
hospitals in your area that will provide second opinions.  I also
recommend you read "Peace, Love and Healing" by Dr. Bernie Siegel for
the emotional therapies that all of you will incur while fighting this

For some general information...
Cancer Notes on the Net       
National Cancer Institute Info
National Cancer Institute Homepage
Medicine on Line              
Guide to Cancer Resources 

God Bless You and your family
Marty Auslander
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