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Re: [MOL] Site of China No.1

> Leo
> Really what is HK6500?  According to site I read, american dollars for 28
> day supply was $935.00, I think ( over $900 anyway).
> I think you could probably break it down a little better so people can
> understand
> what the costs might be.
> How good the product may be is not the reason for my remarks.  I feel you
> should be as straight forward as possible, you are dealing with peoples
> lives, hopes and emotions.
> I'm sorry if anyone thinks I'm being a jerk, I just want you to let people
> know
> the cost which can be prohibitive for many cancer patients.
> Thank you for sharing your info with us.
> Diana

Dear Diana,

I couldn't have said it better!!!  It is a lesson that we, who may be 
grasping for any ray of hope, have to be that much more guarded because 
we are the "easy mark" for less ethical people.  Research, research 
research!!!...and beware of "the magic pill" offer!

God Bless and keep up the good work.

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