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Re: [MOL] weight loss

Lisa Whiting wrote:
> Hi, everybody.
> It's my turn!  My brother had that Radical Pneumonectomy on November 25th
> and has lost 35 lbs. since then.  In other ways, he is doing AWESOME!  I
> couldn't have imagined that less than a month later, he would be walking 1 -
> 2 miles/day and driving!  He does still have pain and is tired, also, but my
> biggest concern, at this point, is his lack of appetite.  I realize that the
> 10 days he was in the hospital and wasn't eating alot decreased the size of
> his stomach, but even now, alot of times smells and the sight of food makes
> him nauseous.  How much of that do you suppose is attributed to pain meds?
> He is a big man, anyway (about 6'2" and started out about 227 lbs), but now
> he really looks thin. His frame is so large.  I know that he still is not at
> a dangerous weight, but what really worries me is that Chemo starts in a
> week or so......and probably 3 or 4 cycles and then radiation.
> Any input?
> Lisa
Dearest Lisa,

Yes, since my Barb had 41 treatments of various chemotherapies in three
years, I have much to share with you to pass onto your Brother.

First from the emotional side:  Seek out chemotherapy as a friend, a
treatment to heal, not to be looked as an enemy and devastating factor
that causes severe side effects. That is not based on fact. Chemotherapy
is a treatment to reduce and control cancer cells. So Barb use to say
"bring it on". It is a positive belief that also tended to get her
through the majority of the side effects that are legally written about
all chemotherapies.

Second: It is essential that your Brother not lose any more weight.
Besides the emotional factor about chemotherapy having a tendency for
someone to lose weight, there may be some side effects that may , I am
saying may, cause some weight loss.  Pls seek out a nutritionist that
will monitor him for they type of chemo he will be under in order to
determine the correct proper foods for him.

Third:  AS for side effects:  We have experienced and I suggest to many
who experience nausea that we have been given a great cocktail or
combination to be taken prior and during and subsequent to chemotherapy.
This cocktail was prescribed to us after many months of frustrattion and
severe nausea that Barb was going through. Well after a meeting with our
oncologist and pharmacist and administrator of the hospital and my
yelling at them they decided to prescribe this cocktail. She had no more
nausea, not even a hint. So I will be glad to pass that on to you as I
have with many others and it has succeeded with their bout of nausea as

Fourth:  He must drink a lot of fluid, water. Like 1/2 to 1 gallon a
day. chemotherapy since it is toxic does cause eventually some kidney or
organ deterioration. I am talking however prolonged treatments. They
will also take blood tests to determine the toxicity and levels of the
organs to make certain that they do not deteriorate, but in the meantime
he must drink plenty of fluids.

Fifth: To avoid mouth sores and this is very common. After chemo he
should rinse his mouth out with warm salt water about 4- 8 times a day
for a period of 3 to 5 days after chemotherapy.

Sixth: He should keep very busy with the things that he enjoys doing. If
he can some physical exercise is essential. It was walking on a
treadmill for about an hour each day and walking the malls  and good
nutrition that made it possible for Barb to incur so many treatments of

Seventh: continue researching and providing hope and encouragement and
positive energy. He will and you will be in good hands with all the love
that you give each other and the support that we will provide you both

I have much more to share with you. If you wish to e-mail me personally
I will try and answer some more of your questions and concerns.

Lisa, you are a terrific caregiver. Be kind to yourself and be strong.
Take time for yourself, to be as stress free as you can. That is what I
learned in order to have the strength to continue and pry and researach
and dedicate hours to finding means and methods to overcome Barbs
disease. It pays off. Take care of yourself as well.

God Bless You and your family. WE are here for you, for as long as you

marty Auslander
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