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Re: [MOL] Ovarian Cancer

Kathy0630 wrote:
> Hello I am interested in finding out anything about surviving ovarian cancer.
> My good friends sister has just been diagnosed with one complication - she is
> pregnant.  Tough decisions are ahead for them and I wanted to be able to
> provide them with contacts and any info for their long journey ahead please
> email me at  Thank you
Dear Kathy,

My wife is a survivor, a three plus year survivor of a very rare
ovarian-non-ovarian disease. It was treated gynecologically as an
ovarian disease by both conventional and alternative methods for three
years plus. We believe we in our case have found the right balance and
methods through many hours of research and various opinions, etc.  I
would like to share as much with you as I possibly can. There are
survivors, many survivors of Ovarian cancer despite the negativity that
surrounds this disease. There are many positive plus' that one can
accomplish to beat this disease.

Would you be so kind as to tell me first:

1 - Is the tumor insitu (centrally located) or has it metastasized.
2 - What chemotherapy or other treatments has she been administered.
3- What research has she been doing?
4 - Has she seen other medical opinions and which ones and did they
concur about treatment?

Pls keep in mind, and I know this is tough for you because you are new
to this as well, that there are many emotions that you and she will
incur, such as fear, anger, denial, frustration, etc. They must all run
its course. Do not fight those emotions. Some where along the line she
and you will come out of those and then begin to take charge to fight
the disease, not the emotions.

Also pls keep this in mind. This will be your first positive message
that you and your friend need to remember:  "Cancer is a degenerative
disease all degenerative diseasses can be reversible".

Take care Kathy. I am here for you and will help in every way that I

God Bless YOu
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