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Re: [MOL] holiday thoughts Reply to Syliva B.

Dear Sylvia and Lizabeth,

Thank you for your message, the spiritual message is something that, for
some reason other than the holiday season seems to be missing from any
and all cancer support groups that I log onto and it is so endearing and
needing that we understand that spirituality is one of the principles
for the healing process, physically and emotionally. Doesn't mean that
we have to be devout and religious, but in every book I have read about
HOPE and beating cancer and other major diseases, that spirituality is a
factor and one of the principles to healing. WE believe that and is key
to my Barbs healing and you know what, it works. So your message is
important and comforting. Thank you and you said "you don't post too
much because you are just a friend to a survivor".  WEll I am also a
caregiver and there are many caregivers who need your input because this
list and the members who log on regularly do a lot of research and spend
time trying to find methods and ideas to present to their loved
survivors like you do. So it is essential and key that you as a
caregiver participate as much as you would like to and never feel that
you don't or shouldn't participate. Your input is always important and
meaningful and certainly your message brings a lot of heart and love to
us. Thank you and tell Lizabeth we wish her  a speedy recovery.

God Bless for  a healthy and healthier new year.
Marty and Barb

Jardon Boehme wrote:
> Dear all,
> Just got back from Christmas Eve early mass.  Lizabeth (my friend
> with adrenal cortical carcinoma)  is our choir leader and as usual does
> a wonderful job.  I only messed up twice...once on O Holy Night (went
> up instead of down) and once on the German singing of Silent Night.
> I can't tell you what a blessing this group has been.  I haven't posted
> too much since I am just a "friend" of a cancer patient.  But, I copy so
> much of the information and I keep a file and take it down to her every
> couple of days.  Lizabeth is up to 8 pills a day (midotane) and so far
> has not had any terrible side effects.
> I wish each of you the blessings of peace.  It is so important during
> this holiday season that we take the time to remember how lucky we
> are and it always reminds me of that special story I heard in Sunday
> School:
>         One Sunday all the members of the parish were complaining
> because Jesus never came to their church.  They all felt that they had
> special problems and special needs and that they were all good,
> God-fearing people and that they deserved a visit from Jesus.  That
> evening Jesus came to church.  He asked them what they wanted.
> They all said that they all had too many problems and needed much
> help.  Jesus said:  "each of you go home and write down all of your
> troubles and put them in a shoe box and bring them back to church
> tomorrow".  All the church members went home and wrote down all
> their problems and sorrows and needs and put it in a shoe box.  They
> all marched back to church the next day and everyone put their
> shoebox in the front of the church.  Jesus, true to his word, came
> back to church that evening and asked if everyone brought their
> problems with them to be taken care of?  Everyone joyfully stated that
> their problems were there at the front of the church.
> Jesus then said " everyone come up and take a box...any
> box!"
>         After a few minutes of silence, everyone went to the front of
> the church and took back their own box.
> I hope that all of your boxes are full of small sorrows and that this new
> year brings you all peace and happiness.
> I treasure all the info I get here and wish each of you the best.
> Sylvia Boehme "Lizabeth's friend"
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