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Hello out there. I have been going through all of your messages for the
past month or so. I am amazed at the strength and stamina maintained by
each of you and you families, and I entend my deepest empathy to those
going through this journey. I hope your outcomes are nothing but

My mother has a osteosarcoma in her pelvis. After going through two
surgeries and a year of chemo, the tumors are now deemed inoperable and
untreatable. I will not give depressing details, but let's just say it's
apparent that time is very quickly running out on us. Although my entire
family has never lost hope and faith, I am afraid that we have
realistically passed the point of a miracle. I want to keep encouraging
my mother to try new or alternative treatments (especially since I am
four months pregnant with her first grandchild), but I also want her to
be happy and comfortable during whatever time she has left. Therefore, I
only seek one bit of advice from anyone who has gone or is going through
the trauma of watching a loved one quickly fade away: At what point do
you just let nature take its course and how do you deal with that?
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