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Re: [MOL] (no subject)

Jo wrote:
> Merry Christmas to all, Thanks you firefly for the beautiful card you
> sent back to me!  I hope you all enjoyed the card I sent the list.
> Marty, I think you thought I was a different Joanne.  I don't have a
> Phil in my life :)  LOL.  I have the mom battling stage 4 breast cancer
> with brain mets.  I am so glad she made it to Christmas!  That was very
> important to us.  All of the sudden she can't walk now, she says she can
> feel her legs but can't move them???  So my dear wonderful father (god
> bless him) has been carrying her to the bathroom, getting her dressed,
> feeding her etc.  We did get a wheel chair for her to get her out of the
> house!  Her mind isn't as sharp as it was a few months back but at least
> she knows who we all are.  Hope you all are doing well.  Joanne,
> Vancouver, WA.
Dear Jo,

Whoops made a mistake. I thought your message was from Joanne and Phil
Lyons. Sorry. Also there is a Jo Ciamitaro on this list and now in my
fertile mind is getting confusing especially with all the holiday
festivities going on. So please excuse my mistakes. Hope I didn't
offend. Welcome aboard and glad you are sharing your concerns with us,
although your message about your Mom is heart tugging. There are many,
including myself who may be able to help.

Have you taken your Mom to second opinions especially specializing in
the field of stereotactic radiosurgery or gamma knife or proton
radiation which is much better than conventional radiation for brain
metastasis. If you wish I have the names of those facilities that you
may contact for 2nd opinions. 

God Bless. Again sorry for the mistake in identity. But pls know that we
all share your compassionate message about your Mom and Dad and we will
pray for her recovery and your emotional needs.

Take care and be strong.
Marty and Barb Auslander
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