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Re: [MOL] alternative therapies

firefly wrote:
> Dear Stacy:  I am not able to help; but there are so many wonderful people
> on this line that someone out there will be able to help you.  I am a cancer
> survivor; but do not know a thing about your type.  I can't believe that an
> insurance company won't pay for laser surgery, thats not such a new
> treatment.  I know this must be a kicker for you, to know there's a
> treatment and you can't get it.  My prayers are with you and please keep us
> posted on how you are doing.   Thanks!
> Lillian
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> From: Stacy Marvelous <>
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> Date: Thursday, December 25, 1997 4:28 PM
> Subject: [MOL] alternative therapies
> >I've been diagnosed with severe vulvar dysplasia.  I've had it for several
> >months.  I had one excission, but the lab report showed they didn't get it
> >all.  My insurance won't cover laser surgery until Oct 1998, and I haven't
> >enough money for the surgery now.  Are there alternative treatments that
> >can be used until the insurance would cover the surgery?
> >
> >Stacy
> >
> >
> Dear Stacy,

For alternative treatments, you may wish to read the book "Cancer Battle
Plan" by Anne Frahm for which she was diagnosed with metastatic breast
cancer in Stage IV and by following a naturalpathic plan and alternative
she has beaten cancer.  This initially gave us the impetus and idea to
research into alternatives and immune system therapies. May be much
cheaper and fulfilling for your wellness program.

As Lillian says, I too believe there are facilities that will treat you
when your own facility recommends that treatment for you but is unable
to administer for whatever reason. That is their problem and their
responsibility as long as you are paying the medical insurance.  I would
certainly speak to the administrator as well as seek another opinion
about treatments.

Take care and God Bless
Marty Auslander
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