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Re: [MOL] Re: parotid gland tumor

Jardon Boehme wrote:
> My prayers are with you...this is a wonderful support base for anyon
> experiencing this horrible disease.  ASK, ASK, ASK, don't suppose
> an informed patient.
> Best luck,
> Sylvia
Dear Sylvia,

I believe that asking is a gift as one would be to provide, because many
feel they impose by asking when in fact by asking is a means of more
individuals being able to share and  learn and be involved so that the
circle becomes even wider and cancer becomes smaller. When we ask, we
learn, when we ask we then share, when we ask we are able decide, when
we ask we are then and will eventually cripple cancer. The more we ask
the more we become stronger as one in one common goal to win, physically
and emotionally. So asking is a necessity, not an imposition and like
you, I applaud your message. Yes, ask and you shall receive. Where did I
hear that before?. 

God Bless You
Marty and Barb
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