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Re: [MOL] Holiday Wishes

William J. Comcowich wrote:
> >From everyone at Medicine OnLine, our best wishes to all our friends in the
> MOL-cancer discussion group. We are grateful for your participation and
> caring.  We wish you all the best for the New Year.  Bill
> William J. Comcowich
> UltiTech, Inc. / Medicine OnLine
> Foot of Broad Street
> Stratford, CT 06497
> Phone 203-375-7300
> Fax 203-375-6699
> The Ultimate in Multimedia Solutions

And to you Bill, thank you for managing this media in a most
professional demeanor and we are very grateful for your dedication and
devotion to the needs of all of us. God Bless YOu

Marty and Barb
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