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Re: [MOL] cpt11

Brightsky8 wrote:
> my dad has colorectal ca metastasized to liver in march 1995.  he underwent
> liver cryosurgery at univ of pittsburgh and then 5fu with leukovorin.  now 4
> liver tumors are present and he is considering cpt 11.  need info on this
> drug.

Dear Brightsky 8,

Pls know that we empathisize with your emotions and concerns for your
Father. We all have been through that or are going through that in one
way or the other and if I hava one message to provide you with that is
positive while you are feeling these anxieties it is the thought that
there are many survivors with metastasis liver disease and are cancer
free.   There are many areas in which we can support, we are here for
you and your Dad. The following are websites in which you can find
information on cpt11. If we can be of further help, we are here for you.

God Bless You and your family
Marty and Barb

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