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Re: [MOL] A Friendship Tree - from Joanne

Joanne wrote:
> Guess what!! Joanne has just sent you an animated greeting card
> You can pick up your personal greeting by connecting to the following WWW Address:
> _______________________________________________________________________
> You can CONNECT THROUGH A BROWSER (such as Netscape, IE or AOL) to
> the World Wide Web and simply copy and paste the exact WWW address
> from above into the "Location" or "Address" space in your BROWSER.
> (Your greeting card will be available for the next 30 days)
> This service is FREE!  :)  HAVE a good day and have fun!
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Accessing your card indicates your agreement with our Website Rules
> posted at the bottom of the following Web location: (You're welcome to send a
> free card to someone at this location)
> --
Dear Joann,

What a wonderful way to wake up Christmas morning. Thank you and God
Bless YOu. Be well, and have fun this joyous wonderful holiday season.
Our best to Phil.

Love and God Bless You
Marty and Barb
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