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[MOL] Holiday message.

Martin Auslander wrote:
> Yesterday Barb and I went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, an outside
> quaint shopping mall where they claim to have the worlds tallest
> Christmas tree and also we were present for the lighting of the Menorah
> (the Hanukah candles) for the first day of Hannukah.  The Monorah was on
> a platform in the middle of a beautiful koi pond and we arrived about an
> hour early to get seats. There were many there for the ceremonies which
> included the singing of traditional Hannukah songs, lighting of the
> candles, children dancing and singing. While we were watching the
> festivities, I noticed Barb had a staring look on her face and I asked
> her "Barb what are you thinking about"? She looked at me and said "its
> great to be alive". We then stared at each other for a moment in quiet
> reflection.
> I know she said this for several reasons and those reasons we address
> and talk about on a daily basis and with great emotions and feelings for
> ourselves and others. One,  the fact that we seem to have arrested
> cancer and that allows us to go on beyond the negative emotions and
> events that limit the ability to heal. The second reason is, this has
> been a tough year for marital relationships as a result of the stresses
> and events while trying to beat cancer and yet we are here, together in
> love, stronger than ever in bonding marital ties and vows that will
> bring us the 29th year of marriage, and the third reason is the thoughts
> about the passing away of many of our dear friends to not only cancer
> but other major diseases, alzheimers, aids, etc. WE lost two aunts this
> year to alzheimers and a number of acquaintances as a result of cancer.
> It is their memory and great courage and will to survive that gives us
> the desire to fight on and make life that much more quality and
> meaningful. The fourth reason, is the gift of 1997, as my friend John
> said, that brought us the many new friends and frienships to share our
> ideas, our common interests and goals and to be able to give and receive
> support. It is the strength upon which we endear these relationships to
> help nurture them so that there may be years of quality life ahead for
> them as well as for us. How grateful we are for the spirituality and
> blessing for their appearance in our lives. Yes, Barb, I am also very
> glad to be alive, not because of the beauty of the holiday season, but
> the season reminds us that being alive and wanting to stay alive is
> because of the ability to understand that the four reasons that I
> mentioned above is the strength upon swhich we can look forward to next
> year....stronger ties in a marriage, greater friendships and
> relationships, keeping close the memories of those that provided us with
> HOPE, and last but not least continuing the positive attitudes and
> wellness program that works for us so that we can pass on to  those
> methods and information that are working for us. Yes, it is great to be
> alive and then she said "lets pray for all while we say the "Baruchos"
> the blessings for Hanukah".
> As it turned out I was overwhelmed by the great many of other faiths
> that were in attendance to help us celebrate the holiday. After all the
> holiday means a time when we all can live in peace, Christians, Muslims,
> Jews and any and  all other faiths I have not mentioned because, we are
> all in Gods eyes one of the same faith.
> God Bless YOu All.  Our wishes are for your good health and happiness
> and maintenance of good health for quality years to come.
> Marty Auslander
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