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Re: [MOL] Re: parotid gland tumor Charlie and Sally T

Charlie T wrote:
> We're in Houston, and are trying to get into MD Anderson.  Everything is of
> course up to the ins. co. but I told the Otolaryngologist that being in
> Houston, I expected no less than for Charlie to be able to go there, he
> agreed and will help negotiate to make sure that happens.
> Will keep you updated
> Sally

Dear Sally,

I believe you will find what you seek at MD Anderson. WE were also there
in 1994 for a second opinion consultation and were benefitted by their
experience and research. They are the only facility that we know of that
has a clinic for "unknown primary".  Which is what we were looking for. 

Pls keep us informed. We are concerned. We may be able to additionally
assist and support with more information and share ideas for both you
and your hubby. Take care and may he have a speedy recovery. 

God Bless You both
Marty and Barb Auslander
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