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"Ana María Zarraga, Ph.D." wrote:
> Please send me  information on mycosis fungoid. Causes and treatment
> Thank you very much,
> Ana María Zárraga, Ph.D.
> Biochemistry Institute
> Universidad Austral

Dear Ana

As my friend John would suggest information may be obtained from the
following websites:

Somegood sites for information are:

The National Cancer Institute at        http://rex.nci.nih.gov
Cancer Notes on the Net at              http://www.cancernews.com
Medicine On Line at                     http://www.meds.com
NCCS Guide to Cancer Resources at 

I would also suggest that you call the National Cancer Institute at 
1-800-4CANCER to speak with someone about the latest treatments and 
clinical trials available.  They can also recommend Cancer Centers 
throughout the United States.

Take care Ana,
God Bless You
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