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Re: [MOL] Re: parotid gland tumor

Charlie T wrote:
> Dear Group,
> My husband and I have been lurking on this group for about 3 weeks, ever
> since he was diagnosed with a deep lobe parotid gland tumor.  All of the
> outpatient testing was inconclusive, so Monday the 22nd, he goes in to have
> the tumor removed, and possibly more (as in neck dissection)surgery right
> then and there, depending upon what the pathologists see while he's still
> under.
> This tumor has been called "textbook"as in they talk about it in Med school,
> but say you'll probably never see one in practice.  This month, his doctor
> has seen three.
> Anyway, altho we don't know this disposition yet, it has been both
> informative and comforting to read the messages.  Informative, as we are
> hospital virgins, and have gleaned so much info regarding dealing with
> hospitals, ins. co., staff, doctors.  It's comforting as we see over and
> over the grace, strength, courage you all have.  We know that whatever the
> outcome we are not alone.
> God bless you all through the holidays and every day and THANK YOU,
> Sally and Charlie TIlson

Dear Sally and Charlie,

I know that you have take many of the first steps to wellness and
recovery...May I also add that this list and the people that contribute
to this list are experienced survivors, medical professionals,
caregivers and all with people of heart and love. Pls know that we are
here for you should you have any concerns or questions. While we may not
be able to answer your every quesion, we will be able to guide you
others that may help support you and advise.

God Bless. We are praying for the both of you and in Gods blessing there
is always the basic one factor that makes all of us survivors:  HOPE and
the other factor that is human with Gods support is our WILL AND

Take care
marty Auslander
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