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Re: [MOL] Long term Navelbine treatment

Kay wrote:
> I have a relative with lung CA (unsure type). Has been on Navelbine for
> quite some time. Her oncologist is unsure whether or not to keep her on it
> due to unknown (at least to him) problems with long term use. Any thoughts
> or advice?
>                                                      Kay

Dear Kay,

I would seek out advice from other medical 2nd opinions as to new
protocals and treatments. Navelbine is rather new and is second line at
some facilities.  The key is...if it is working then that is important,
but yet I understand about problems with long term side pls
seek out second opinions and you may wish to find those opinions by
calling the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4cancer and ask them a
number of things like.  Get a pdq (physicians data query) on navelbine
which includes information about the chemotherapy and long term side
effects and have them give you the names and phone numbers of three
comprehensive hospitals in your area to seek 2nd opinions.  YOu may wish
to discuss with the med team, 2nd opinion on the phone if they are
experienced with Navelbine prior to appointment with them.

Good luck and God Bless
Marty Auslander
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