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Hello to all fellow supporters and cancer patients. My name is Denise & 
my mother was dx with lung cancer & cancer of the lymph nodes in July of 
this year. Certainly a tragic event in my family's life...however her 
prognosis was 4 - 6 months and we hope to make liars out of them. She is 
on chemo, essiac, (9) different vitamins and vitamin C in large doses. I 
pray every day, I build her spirits as best as I can, and I have faith 
that this is just a battle to which she must go through. I must admit 
that sometimes I get worried that my expectations are too high, but the 
only thing I can say to that is ..that if they be right then above all 
at least her days are filled with laughter and hope. For those 
interested a wonderful book is out called " Love, Medicine & Miracles " 
by Dr. Bernie Siegal.  It's truly a godsend! And it has helped me to 
understand at a level so neccessary when such an event comes into your 
life. I highly recommend this book to M. WOODS. 
I ask that Martin Auslander please tell me your success story, as I need 
to hear more of them.
And I just want anyone & everyone to know that I have come aboard and 
we intend to be another success story to draw from.
God bless!

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