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Carcinoid syndrome

I have experienced extreme flushing over the past 8 months and have not 
received a diagnosis from my primary internist.  The flushing occurs in 
and aroud the facial region.  In the morning I have blood shot eyes and 
in the afternoon flushing occurs.  Sometimes the flushing is more 
extreme than at other times.  Stress causes elevated levels of flushing 
and this usually results in terrible head aches.
After several days of flushing I am usually exhausted.  I have limited 
my physical exercise, because my usual bike rides caused complete 
My skin color has been "gray" and bags have formed under my eyes along 
with deep lines.
I have a normal liver function and all blood work seems normal.  I have 
been checked clear of parasites.  I have taken 500 mg 3x/day of Flagil 
and conclude that no bacteria are left.   I had a 24hr urine test for 
carcinoid 8/96 and it was negative.
My bowels have been somewhat normal, however, there have been some days 
where I had as many as 6 trips to the toilet.  Stools have been fairly 
tight  and some signs of diarea.
Can you help me with a diagnosis?  I am at a loss and am not improving.