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FW: A "drug" trial everyone can enter.....

Greetings, Fellow Listers, from the St. John's Breast Cancer List,

Recently Jeff and Pat Bongard posted the Breast Cancer list with info on 
Green Tea as a way of countering chemo tummy. Pat is adamant that it helped 

This has given me the idea for an experiment using the power of the 
Internet which I hope you will join in with. Many of you out there are on 
treatment at present (understatement of the year!). If you have been having 
digestive troubles, then perhaps you would like to try Green Tea as a 
stomach settler and then mail me with the results. I will collate them and 
publish the results - we could have real data back within a few weeks! I 
think this idea is important for us to do because there is no money in 
simple ideas so nobody studies them seriously.

Besides, the tea is officially harmless and you might get to like it!

I hope you all don't mind me doing this. I just remember my partner's year 
of severe, constant vomiting from chemo, rifampicin, etc. If green tea 
works at least in some cases then we can spread the word.

If you would like to participate, mail me personally with answers to these 

When were you first diagnosed?
Which type of chemo are you on?
How much chemo have you had since diagnosis?
What is your disease type and Stage designation (1,2,3 or 4)?
What antisick medication are you taking?
How much nausea are you experiencing on a scale of 1-20?

All info will be treated VERY confidentially but if you object to 
disclosing anything, leave it out. All names will be removed when results 
are published. You can send it anonymously if you like, but a name would 
give the results more leverage.

Then, I'd like you to start taking green tea made as follows:

Heat water to around 160 degs F - don't boil!
Pour water onto tea in a teapot or coffepot.
Leave 5 minutes - do not perk it!
Drink tea from a nice fine cup - I recommend a nice china cup - it does 
make a difference!
Do not add sugar or artifical sweetener!
Drink three cups a day - one first thing and one last thing, the other 
during the day - teatime perhaps!

Record how you feel after the first cup and then at the end of each day. 
After two weeks send the results to me, even if they are incomplete or you 
couldn't complete the "course"! Include the name of brand of tea you took. 
Keep the packaging for later reference if you can.

You can get Green Tea at "high class" stores and Chinese Supermarkets - 
probably better value here!

You've nothing to lose except a couple of dollar/quid/francs/dm/yen etc and 
you might end up keeping your dinner.

Please, please, please have a go!

I will publish the results on my Website, CancerPoint - URL is:


Comments on above website welcome, indeed craved!

A brilliant, healthy 1997, packed with miracles and strength to you all!

Max Blinkhorn