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Re: phone call -- panic

At 11:26 PM 12/27/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Tonight, Diana and I received a call from her oncologist.  One week ago,
>Diana saw her Dr.for the last time (5years) after her bout with breast
>cancer. He declared her clear of breast cancer.  He had chest x-rays and
>a Mam taken.  Mam was clear and he told her she was clear.  Tonight, he
>said the radiologist saw a posible shadow in the chest x-ray up near the
>shoulder blades, but couldn't be sure. The doctor has requested Diana to
>have a CT scan, next week. " Probably, nothing to worry about".  Panic
>has set in!!!!  
>My question, can breast cancer,(it was stage 1) possibly moved to the
>lung area?  Is it possible that there is a relationship between breast
>cancer and lung cancer?  
>Diana has been feeling great, yet two days ago, she complained of a pain
>in her back " up near her shoulder blades".  Were alarmed.  We will know
>something next tue after the CT scan.  But for right now I would
>appreciate some info.  Can you respond?

First of all, you both are only being human-every one in your shoes would be
worried even thought the doctor said"Probably nothing to worry about".
Breast cancer which metastisizes normally does go to the lung, bone, and
sometimes brain, but stage 1 whoch has been successfully treated does not
usually metastisize.  I know that no one can keep you from worrying but try
to keep positive thoughts and prayers going until her CT scan on Tuesday.
There are many things that could cause that shadow on her chest s-ray
including poor technique, incorrect positioning during the x-ray or the
beginning of a lung infection.  A CT is the best thing to do next, so please
do it.  It can pinpoint that area more exactly.  It could even be a cyst- so
hang in there the best you can- I am an oncology RN and will keep in touch
to see what you find out.  My prayers and thoughts are with you both.

Mary Ann