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phone call -- panic

Tonight, Diana and I received a call from her oncologist.  One week ago,
Diana saw her Dr.for the last time (5years) after her bout with breast
cancer. He declared her clear of breast cancer.  He had chest x-rays and
a Mam taken.  Mam was clear and he told her she was clear.  Tonight, he
said the radiologist saw a posible shadow in the chest x-ray up near the
shoulder blades, but couldn't be sure. The doctor has requested Diana to
have a CT scan, next week. " Probably, nothing to worry about".  Panic
has set in!!!!  

My question, can breast cancer,(it was stage 1) possibly moved to the
lung area?  Is it possible that there is a relationship between breast
cancer and lung cancer?  

Diana has been feeling great, yet two days ago, she complained of a pain
in her back " up near her shoulder blades".  Were alarmed.  We will know
something next tue after the CT scan.  But for right now I would
appreciate some info.  Can you respond?