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Re: platelet donation

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You may want to review what is out their on the web regarding the various ways
that the transplant community has tried for trying to encourage people to
donate their organs. Transweb is a site that the U of Michigan started and is
one of the best national sites for links to organ and tissue donation issues.
The URL is 
Teh Ad Council ( the group that funded and started the Smoky the Bear ads) has
started an ad to get people to donate. Their URL is htlm. 
The Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide also has a web site (URL
I hope this helps. We need all of the public to be aware of how many lives
could be saved if people just agree to donate their blood, platelets ( which
are part of the blood the Red Cross normally collects) , marrow, organs and
tissue. Good luck !
Date: 10/23/96 1:44 PM
To: Nancy Durance
My name is Amy Campbell and I am a 10th grade student at Long Reach High
School in Columbia, Maryland. I am designing a program to motivate teachers
and staff to become platelet donors. Please send to the above address any
suggestions or information that might assist me in my project.

Thank you,
Amy Campbell

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