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Re: Lung Cancer (NSCLC)


I'd like to hear about your dad's plan.  My wife has gone through radiation
(failed) and two types of chemo (both failed).  She will probably refuse
further chemo in favor of alternative treatments.

Lenny Garfinkel

At 07:03 PM 10/18/96, you wrote:
>It is really hard to say what to expect because each person is 
>different and the disease will progress differently.  The Docs 
>should be able to tell what signs to look for as the disease 
>progresses.  Some type of NSCLC progress very slowly.  My father 
>has been treating his Stage IV adenocarcinoma alternatively with a 
>nutritional regimen for 19 months now with no further growth.  He 
>has decided against conventional treatment, because of his results 
>after turning down the conventional treatments, I no longer feel 
>that not taking chemo is automatically a "death sentence" as you 
>seem to feel.  If you are interested in the nutrtional regimen he 
>is following, please write me back.  Even  if she does  not take 
>all of the supplements he does, the diet which is High 
>Nutrition/Easily Digestible may give her some increased strength.
>Best wishes

Leonard Garfinkel, Ph.D.
Bio-Technology General
Kiryat Weizmann
Rehovot, Israel