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Re: thrombocythemia

Dear Skip and Diane,

A few subscribers on our mailing list or our predecessor support group 
that are suffering with elevated platelets have reported that, in 
their opinion, the herb ginkgo biloba has helped them to avoid 
clotting or bleeding problems. Ginkgo biloba has no known side effects 
and is reportedly effective and is used in the treatment of hardening 
of the arteries. 

You should get a firm diagnosis of thrombocythemia and you should have 
your hematologist's approval for anything you take, including but not 
limited to even simple aspirin and/or ginkgo biloba. 

Please bear in mind that I am not a physician, nor am I even a health 
professional. Always work with your hematologist and follow his or her 
guidelines and direction. 

Robert Tollen
Co-list manager, MPD-SUPPORT-L or 

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