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adeno carcinoma- any update

 SUBJECT :     adeno carcinoma: any updates?            10/21/96     12:19

Dear Remco-
I just found out yesterday, my step-dad was diagnosed with "poor
differentiated adeno carcinoma- no detected primary tumor" on 14 September.
So, I did an internet search last night and your e-mail and several "linked"
responces came up. 

The diagnosis came after a biopsy of a "small lump" on his neck, right side.
He has commenced radiation treatment- twice a week for 26 weeks. He and my
mother live in Ann Arbor; Harry is 63 or 64. He is being treated locally,
although his doctor is consulting with doctors at the Anderson cancer center
in Houston. I have faxed my Mom your message of Jan 96 with the accompanying
responces, but wondered how things have gone, etc., since  the original
messages went out? Any news, treatment successes? 

Also, I noticed in Saturday's paper an article by an "AP Science Writer", Paul
Recer,  entitled, "Scientists turn cold virus into cancer cell killer"- the
article  calls the cold virus- the "adenovirus" - I wonder if this is more
than just an interesting coincidence?

Thanks (to all) for your time and effort on this subject- you must be
Tod Jordan
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