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RE: thrombocythemia

Dear Skip and Diane,

Thrombocythemia is one of the myeloproliferative disorders.  Our group has an 
ET FAQ which you can access on our web page at

While some people go through life with high platelets and do not experience 
complications (my 90 year old father is one),  most of us run into trouble 
with either bleeding or clotting problems if our platelet counts are 

The agents most commonly used to control this condition (if there is a 
diagnosis of MPD rather than a secondary cause)  are anagrelide,  hydrea and 
interferon.   You should be seen by a hematologist for proper evaluation and 

There are reports that the active ingredient in grapeseed may reduce platelet 
stickiness and hence reduce the likelihood of clot formation.  It does not 
have an effect on number of platelets produced.

Joyce Niblack
List Manager-MPD-NET Discussion group
Editor MPD VOICE newsletter