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Re: thrombocythemia

Skipnet wrote:
> wrote:
> >
> > is there any indication that injesting grapefruitseed extract can reruce the
> > production of platlets?

> Dear Abrahms,
> I too have high platelet levels and none of the doctors knows why
> (surprise). ...Maybe you could just let it go until some other symptom develops and could be addressed?  Good luck.  Diane

Request that you get a manual and visual platelet count on your next 
CBC. Some in our mailing list have complained that their platelets 
have unusual clumping and because of this, the automated counters do 
not always offer an accurate count. 

Some in our group have reported more difficulties with bleeding and 
clotting problems with platelets around 600,000 or so then those with 
polycythemia or essential thrombocythemia who's platelets are even in 
excess of 1,000,000. In any event, various blood component tests can 
and should be performed to 1) get a clear diagnosis and 2) to see if 
one is at elevated risk for thrombosis (clots) or bleeding problems. 

Please bear in mind that I am not a physician, nor am I even a health 
professional. Always work with your hematologist and follow his or her 
guidelines and direction. 

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Robert Tollen