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Re: thrombocythemia wrote:
> is there any indication that injesting grapefruitseed extract can reruce the
> production of platlets?
Dear Abrahms,

I too have high platelet levels and none of the doctors knows why
(surprise).  I never heard of the grapeseed extract cure but I was told
that some people just have inflated numbers on some of their labs with
no good reason. They just dont fall into the standard norms established
by labs. I  have rheumatoid arthritis which may explain it, but none of
them seemed worried so I just ignore it.  I did try fish oil and Vit E
and it didnt help-just caused lots of bowel problems. I was told that
aspirin therapy could lead to internal bleeding and even hemorhagic
stroke!  Maybe you could just let it go until some other symptom
develops and could be addressed?  Good luck.  Diane