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Dear Janet,

I would like to respond to your enquiry.  I had low platlet counts in
the summer of 1992.  The doctor put me on prednesone to raise my platlet
count.  I was diagnosed with I.T.P. - Idiopathic Thrombocidiapenia
Perpera (SP).  Basically the doctor could not explain why my platlet
count was low.  The doctor(s) kept on feeling the area of my slpeen to
find out if it was imflammed. But it was not.  Ultrasound did not show
any difference.

As the prednesone increased, the platlets went up, but as the prednesone
dosge was reduced, my platlet count also went down.  The doctor said my
spleen has to come out to see if this will help.  I went for a second
opinion in November and it was confirmed.

On January 12, 1993 I went in the operating room. I believe my platelet
count at that time was 30000.  Shortly after the operation there was no
improvement, but in the weeks to come, my platelet count started to
rise.  The prednesone was reduced to zero and I had a full recovery.

Today it is October 18, 1996 and I feel excelent!  By the way I am also
30 years old now.

I hope this helps and may God be with you and your dad.  Please feel
free to contact if you have any questions.