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Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

My 80 year old mom was recently diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer
(stage III) .  After many visits to several doctors, much research and
soul-searching, we have decided not to put her  through with radiation
treatments.  Chemo was not an option due to her already fragile health-
she's an above knee amputee (wheelchair-bound) with chronic renal failure,
history of congestive heart failure,  and basically advanced
artherosclerotic disease.  Making this decision was very difficult.   Can
anyone advise us about the progression of this disease when there is no
intervention? Two weeks ago her doc found the oxygen level in her blood to
have decreased,  and heard her wheezing.  He ordered oxygen for her, which
is strictly a comfort measure.  She seems to be ok, and complains about
nothing.  (She also suffers from dementia due to a stroke, so her short term
memory is shot).  We were told she has anywhere from 4 months to a year, and
we would really like to be more informed about what to expect.  Any
correspondence would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.