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brain cancer- need specialist!

We need a specialist in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Va
area, that specializes in Brain cancer/ surgery.

Some backround: 40 year old male, currently diagnosed with
gliobastoma multiforma.
Had previous history of Astrocytoma grade II in left temperal lobe
biopsy and radiotherapy. 
In Aug '96- tumor in right perietal lobe - he has completed 2 rounds
of radiotherapy one at 30 fractions of 2gy and a second at 20 fractions
at 1.8 gy.

Doctors in Holland gave him no chance, however a Doctor in Arkansas
knows of an operation that could up the survival  to 10-15%, however
this doctor will be leaving for a trip. Family members are in the
Washington metro area and need HELP.

If anyone knows anyone or has some ideas where to find a Doctor in the
Washington metro area -please write .

Thank you,