New Home Page for cancer Survivors and #OncoChat [00742] Medicine On Line

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New Home Page for cancer Survivors and #OncoChat

Hello Everyone, Just wanted to tell everyone besides our channel #OncoChat
on the undernet we are also making sister channels on Efnet and Dalnet. We
have been here almost a year now and again would like you to join us. It is
a channel where we share the ups and downs of the fight against cancer.
There are many diffrent types of cancer survivors on #OncoChat. All diffrent
ages, we have a
all are welcome to our home on the net. We learn to love, cry, share our
lives with one another. We have fun but we have support when we need it. Our
new Home Page is a serious but fun place to visit. It is called Reflections
of #OncoChat,
you can find us by using netscape or any good browser. Our URL is: http://www. I made this Home Page For my Friends on OncoChat any
anyone having to deal with the struggle of beating the beastly Dragon. Our
Home Page made by Our friend ritestuff, has been visited I think over a
1000,00 times now. He has put alot of work into it, he has gathered alot of
info on Homepages about cancer. He has also included info on getting to
#OncoChat and 
#touchstone, this channel was made for children cancer survivors. He has
info on 
how to get on irc, Homepages made by cancer survivors. You can find
#OncoChat Home Page at this URL:
Please visit both home Pages if you have any links we can add to Our Home
Pages just drop us a line and we will include them with the rest of our
friends. Take care and God Bless all of You. If we are fight the Beast
together we will never be alone in our fight!! 

                                                 Sincerely, aWhyTygr & BarbK