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Re: C. KIRKMAN: where are you????

I will be glad to send his plan to you.  I usually send it directly 
to the person who requests it by e-mail, because it is a rather 
lengthy post and there are many people on these newsgroups who are 
not at all interested in this type regimen.  By the way he is now 
at 19 months since diagnosis and doing fantastic.  He had a 
followup checkout with his oncologist 2 weeks ago and he still is 
showing no further growth or spread.  He however is hoping that the 
original spots will eventually go away.  He feels great, says he 
feels better than he did ten years ago (he is 58), still works full 
time walks every day etc.  The way of eating in this plan is now a 
way of life for him.  He has loosened up a little eats a little 
more dairy than the original plan but still sticks very closely to 
the whole foods, no refined flour or sugars.