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Re: Ewing's sarcoma

>Date: Thu, 05 Sep 1996 00:30:55
>From: Robert Lin <>
>Subject: Re: Ewing's sarcoma
>Ewing's sarcoma is the second most common bone tumor in childhood age after
Oestogenic sarcoma. It is mostly happened in the 10 to 20 year aged group.
It is rare in black and Chinese population mostly occur in white population.
The ratio of black to white is 1:14. the white population is 14 times higher
to get this disease. The treatment involve chemotherapy followed by
radiation therapy to the tumor site and then surgery removal of the primary
tumor. It is highly curable in this days with up to 80% disease free
survival with surgry and 30% 5 years survival without surgery. The progonsis
is very good compare with other type of cancer.
>Long term follow up is very important and necessary as feared of relapses
of the tumor. Local reoccurance is highly possible up to 30% of all cases
showed local reoccurance and depending on location, pelvic and axial bone
are more prome to reoccurance. The reoccurance can be very quick or can be
5, 10 years down the track. Most patients should be considered for surgical
removal of the tumor after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If the
surgical removal is not possible then boost and increase intensity in
chemotherapy and radiotherapy is required. The tumor cell is radiosensitive
so it should` reponse well to radiation therapy. The survival rate is
depended upon the location of tumor, the size of the tumor and the stage of
the tumor. The likely metastase site is lung and other bone in the body. I
hope this information is useful. Good luck and wishes all the best.