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Carcinoid; octreotide-acetate (Sandostatin)


I am a five-year survivor of full-blown carcinoid syndrome -- over 
twenty-five metastatic abdominal tumors (in the liver & spleen alone).  
I've had three years of heavy-duty chemotherapy (Streptozocin & 5-FU and 
four months of Cytoxin), four and a half years of daily Sandostatin.  
The Sandostatin can counteract the symptoms of carcinoid syndrome; in my 
case it has.  Incidentally, the doctors agree that I had had carcinoid 
syndrom beginning about seven years before I was diagnosed.

I am the editor of the newsletter for the Greater Washington Coalition 
for Cancer Survivorship (GWCCS) and am the patient-facilitator of Sibley 
Memorial Hospital's cancer support group "One Day at a Time"and editor 
of its newletter.

Larry Chinnery
I can be contacted at: Phone - 301-881-0936 or fax - 301-468-4946 or
e-mail -