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RE: Adeno carcinoma

At 12:33 PM 10/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>pleae send me the info.
>>From: 	Stephen Kortz[]
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>> wrote:
>>> The following posting was on Sept.17.96  from C Kirkman
>>> >My father and my sister-in law have adenocarcinoma of the lung with
>>> >spread to the chest wall.  May father was told at diagnosis that
>>> >his was stage IV, but reading I have done since sounds more like
>>> >Stage 111A or B since it has not spread to lymph glands or bones or
>>> >any other organ.  My dad was diagnosed 18 months ago, my
>>> >sister-in-law 3 weeks ago.  They are both following an
>>> >alternative/nutrtitional regimen.  He has experienced no further
>>> >growth or spread in the 18 months since diagnosis and has regular
>>> >follow-up with oncologist to track it.  My sister-in-law is trying
>>> >the same methods since he has had such excellent results.  He feels
>>> >great, plenty of energy, works full time, walks 3 miles a day.  His
>>> >was in too large of area for surgery or radiation and chemo has a
>>> >VERY low response rate for this cell type.  That is why he went
>>> >this direction.  This requires a MAJOR lifestyle change for most
>>> >people, eating no meat and only whole foods, no refined sugar or
>>> >flour, and tons of supplements.  I am not saying this is a cure
>>> >my dad's original spots are still there, they have just not grown
>>> >or spread and he is confident they will eventually go away
>>> >completely.  I will be glad to share their plan with anyone who
>>> >wants it.
>>> >From
>>> Would very much appreciate your sharing their plan. Thanks in advance.
>>> ahiPlease e-mail me as to where I can assess more information on this diet 
>>as my dad has been diagnoised with this type of cancer in stage IV.
>>Many Thanks,
>>Stephen Kortz
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