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No Subject

I ran across your post today while surfing and though I could'nt read 
the entire message, I think I got most of it.

I was diagnosed with CLL on my 35th birthday too and was told it was 
rare for a woman, much less one of a young age to get this disease.

I keep thinking back on my life of the things I could have done that 
may have brought this on, such as exposure to chemicals, medicines 
taken as a child, etc.  I cannot think of anything.

It is a bummer.  I am under no treatment now, as I am stable and my 
counts are okay.  

If you get this and want to correspond, please e-mail be at my 
Prodigy E-mail address, as I don't get to the net very often and when 
I do, I rarely find my way back to the topic I was at previously!     
 Wanda (Georgia)