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Re: Pancreatic Cancer

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> A close friend has just been diagnosed with tumour of the pancreas (4cm
> large) early September 1996, he also has spots on his liver and patches up
> top.  We would like to know of anyone with similar conditions, as well as
> treatments available, including alternative therapies.  Time is of utmost
> importance, please reply ASAP.  Thanks,  Fleur

not to be the black cloud but pancreatic cancer is almost 100% 
fatal.There is a dentist by the name of william don Kelly who has 
published several books on nutritional approaches to reversing cancer.  
You see he reversed his own pancreatic cancer using very high enzymes 
and a balanced metabolic program.  If you are interested in more info 
contact me and I will see what I can do.  take care.

Dr. Samuels