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Re: Pancreatic Cancer

At 10:16 96-09-25 +1200, you wrote:
>A close friend has just been diagnosed with tumour of the pancreas (4cm
>large) early September 1996, he also has spots on his liver and patches up
>top.  We would like to know of anyone with similar conditions, as well as
>treatments available, including alternative therapies.  Time is of utmost
>importance, please reply ASAP.  Thanks,  Fleur 
I have a friend with a similar, but worse condition (lung sites also).  I of
course don't know if we are talking of the same type of beast.  My friend
has had great results with a new (still experimental) chemotherapy drug:
Gemcitabine (commercial name:  Gemstar, or something close, by Elly Lily).
It can be given alone or in combiantion, etc.  I would ask my oncologist if
he could give an opinion on this, and if it was possible to participate in a
trial involving this drug. 

Hope this helps, Marie.>