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Re: Pancreatic Cancer

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, First Last wrote:

> A close friend has just been diagnosed with tumour of the pancreas (4cm
> large) early September 1996, he also has spots on his liver and patches up
> top.  We would like to know of anyone with similar conditions, as well as
> treatments available, including alternative therapies.  Time is of utmost
> importance, please reply ASAP.  Thanks,  Fleur 
Dear Fleur,

Thanks for your message.  My brother was diagnosed in June of 1996.  He
was put on gemcitabine.  He showed some initial response, but is now
headed towards a terminal case.  All of the reading that we did indicated
that unless the chemo is paired with surgery, that chemo alone is not the
way to go.  Unfortunately, when diagnosed, my brother's tumor was large (8
cm diam), too large to remove surgically.  Perhaps your friend's tumor is
still small enough to be removed, and then have the chemo take care of the
rest.  The danger with pancreatic cancer, as I have come to understand it,
is that the tumor can easily grow not just into the liver, but into the
intestine, shutting off the movement of food thru the system.  If shut off
occurs, the patient can't take sustenance, can't keep up their strength,
etc.  Good luck.  I wish you and your friend all the best.

Elizabeth Ambos